Quiet Down Grandma

Quiet Down Grandma


It wasn’t rock music or a daytime soap with the volume all the way up that pushed a 28-year-old woman far enough over the edge that she threatened to kill her grandmother.

Sherice Gordon, became upset with her grandmother, Lynn Thompson, 70, while she was allegedly “praying loudly” in the family’s “religious room” at the back of their Key West-area home. Gordon asked Thompson to keep it down.

According to police, when the praying didn’t stop, Gordon slammed the door and came back with a large kitchen knife. Thompson said “she was in fear for her life” and that Gordon “yelled she was going to kill her” while the two struggled with the weapon, police added.

An unidentified person broke up the struggle between Gordon and Thompson. Gordon denied ever pulling a weapon and said it was her 70-year-old grandmother who attacked her for slamming the door and she wanted to pursue charges.

The grandmother asked police not arrest Gordon and refused medical treatment. We are guessing she’s going to do a lot more praying for Gordon.

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