An old church in Volusia County found new life as a members-only swingers club.

An old church in Volusia County found new life as a members-only swingers club.


Most of the neighbors are unaware that the house of worship had been repurposed. There are no outside signs indicating that it is even a business. When they were made aware or the club most of them wanted it out of their neighborhood.

So, the city of Daytona Beach wants to shut them down. The city is claiming Minglers is operating without a business receipt tax, which isn’t legal. The city also claims the club would be serving alcohol and allowing nudity in a spot not zoned for it.

The club called “Minglers” claims to be a high class establishment with a “Dress to Impress” Dress Code. They do not allow – Ball Caps, Beanies, Athletic, or Sports Attire, Sneakers, Flip-Flops, etc. or Cargo Pants.

Their website says. “The Minglers Club experience is non-pressure, and non-clickish. Our members are an eclectic group of fun-loving couples and singles ranging in age from 21 and over. The majority of our members are successful, “20-40 something”, professionals who are committed/married couples, and single ladies.”

It also says, “The Club’s management and staff will introduce new members to our “regulars”, who are very happy to in turn introduce their friends and also give a tour of the club. “There is a high ratio of single ladies who attend Minglers! One of the reasons for this is our high level of security. Security staff will ensure the comfort of our lady members and will even escort ladies to their cars, if requested”

There’s a hearing scheduled to see if a judge will grant the temporary injunction sought by the city.

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